Modular houses for living, relaxation and commerce

Who we are?

We are experts in modular structures, specializing in the construction of modular houses using light structure technology. We produce modular homes and spaces of various purposes, characterized by modern design and high quality. We are known for quick houses preparation, project implementation, and a guarantee of longevity. We provide services throughout Lithuania and abroad. We offer modular structures of modern design for homes, offices, commercial use, and sanitary facilities. We manufacture modular homes of various sizes and configurations. We can adjust your chosen project according to your desires and requirements, offering a wide range of color choices, types, and thicknesses of wall panels. We offer installation of heat pumps air/air and arrangement of sanitary nodes.

Why us?

Best prices

A wide selection of modular barrels at the best price. Excellent value for money.


Professional team, high quality materials, modern design.


Easy to transport, extremely convenient solution for your business or home.

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We will answer your questions and help you choose the best option.